Saturday, October 17, 2009

(790) Does this count?

So, I had a good two-day initial stint of blogging followed by 790 days of nada. I guess I only ran alongside the bandwagon, then got distracted.

Lots has happened since then, with Sarah actually (semi-) maintaining her blog. So, not for the last time, I direct you here to her site for updates on our life.

Here's my current excuse for not blogging:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

(22) First time for everything...

Ahh, Those Days of Firsts...

Yesterday for instance. The day of my first post. Oh, the fond memories of yesterday.

However, that's not the true subject of this post... There's actual work to be done, things to be documented outside of stream-of-consciousness blogging. But first, yet another digression:

Note the (22) in the title... An explanation is required. In my inaugural post, I mentioned that I will attempt to work backward through time in an effort to document projects and experiences that I feel need to be preserved. This preservation of moments serves a megalomaniacal purpose: "See what I can do...!?!" But more importantly, I am preserving memories from my apparently shriveling synapses. Can't you see them cannonballing off my frontal lobe like so many helpless yet cuddly lemmings...?

But right, yes, the (22)... I will place in each header the number of days that have passed from the day of the event to the day of post.

So, the (22) means that this event being described shortly took place 22 days before its posting. This way, you can kinda tell at a glance not only what but when I'm talking about. As much as my living conditions may state otherwise, I enjoy organization.

For all of your dating needs, please see the link over there to the right, under "If You're Bored..." If you'd like to know how many days have passed between two events, whether it's between building a stemware rack and the actual post of building them, or if you'd like to know if your parents were married after you were more than just a gleam in your daddy's eye, this link will give you the answer painlessly. And if you're dealing with lots of time, it'll save counting all those pesky February 29ths. Feel free to click here for a quick link if you're too lazy to mouse right. I know how you feel...

Now that we've gotten that sorted, let's dive in, shall we?

Devin's First Fish! July 29, 2007. Not too long ago.
7/29 to today = 22 days. Seriously: check the calculator.

Devin and I drove out to Lake Solano near Winters, CA. After several tangles and sampling of stagnant water, (I use my mouth when tying on lures... Not a great idea for those wishing not to become home to thriving amoebae populations.) we got to yell "Fish On!" Here are the results:

Like the two lunkers reeled in that afternoon (I think the big one may have measured up to 10.5", almost legal!), this memory has been hooked, tagged and released back into the wild. One less lemming has bought its wings, at least for a little while.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


What do I want from this blog, you ask?

Good question... Well, potentially early-onset Alzheimer's (or as my mom says: ol' timer's) has me forgetting some really good projects that I actually completed... And since I haven't even filled one scrapbook or photo album page ever (seriously: never), this may be a good place to attempt an eScrapbook of sorts.

In an effort to not get too discouraged, I shall work backward... Hopefully I can catch up to the beginning of the year by the end of the year. This way, I'll have at least some evidence that I've been doing something...

And what have I been doing with my time...? Oh, you want an example. Hmm... If it weren't hanging in the kids' room, I may never recall drilling a large hole into a perfectly good book. Relax, attack-librarians: it was to make a clock. "Oh, Robin, you're so brave and impetuous!" You are welcome to peruse Sarah P Dot's post about this...

Now would also be an appropriate time to say that I'm a lucky guy... Here are two reasons: 1, 2. And here's a third: 3. Sarah is much more diligent about posting... So, you may, after Considering the Lobster,
consider looking at the P Dot post to get better updates on my progress with projects. This blog of mine being a key project that I'd like to get airborne.
I may need some prodding to keep this up.
So, sit tight... And I want you to know that we're all counting on you...